Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Day - After the Inauguration

Just in case you were wondering, no, I did not watch the inauguration. (for two reasons)
1 - I had to work, and they don't pay me to watch television while I'm at work. I did hear of some places where people sat glued to the rare televisions that appear in offices.
2 - I haven't watched an inauguration since 1985 - Ronald Reagan's 2nd term. I don't remember much about that inauguration as I was only 9 years old.

I did read President Obama's speech. That's the best I could do for that day. I'm no fan of Obama's, and most people who know even a little about me could back that up. However, the day after his election, I did write a piece on my facebook saying we should give him a chance to prove us (his dissenters) wrong. This opinion of mine contrasts greatly with many Conservative and Republican commentators who say we should give him as much of a chance as the other side gave Bush. However, I have always held to the belief that we are, better, when it comes to political discourse. I still think we are, and I think much of the rancor on the right is grounded in the abuse the former President took over just about everything he did and said, and a lot of things he didn't do or say or have any hand in. I can understand, if not agree.

Still more is grounded in the fact that the left still seems bitter, and by george, their guy got into office. What's left to be bitter about? He's going to reduce the ocean water levels, reduce carbon emissions, make everyone in the world love us, and according to his wife, heal our souls. I'm sorry, I didn't intend to be sarcastic, it just came out.

After Inauguration Day, I was sitting in a meeting at work, and someone said "Did you hear there wasn't a single arrest at the capitol? It would have never been like that if a Republican had gotten elected." I keep my thoughts to myself. I did in this case also, but in the back of my head, I wanted to say "Yeah, and what does that say about opposition on both sides?" Truth is, it says this...when the liberal leftists lose, they scream, cry, throw first class hissy fits, riot, and get arrested. When the conservative right loses we go home to quietly lick our wounds for awhile, and then we stand up for what's right. We might say things, we might get a little hot around the collar, but we do not take to the streets and riot. And as was proven this past week, we don't show up at inaugurations and wreak havoc. Wait, unless of course, we are to blame for the cold temperatures that meant most of the crowd had to hear a recording of the famous artists playing their musical instruments. Oh, darn, I'm sure I just gave some kook on the left a good idea.

I do have a point to this, sarcasm aside.

I don't agree with 99% of President Obama's policies. And just becaue he's a black man didn't mean I was going to cry at the fact he got elected. See, in my world, my God is color blind. I always disagreed with Obama on the merits of his platform (what little he had), and not on the color of his skin. And I hate that, throughout the election, and even now,we are treated to some idea that we should all be happy and united because we elected a black man. We aren't going to be united, because there are 58 Million Americans who disagreed strongly enough with his policies that we didn't vote for him. We are not suddenly, now that the election is over, going to agree with those policies now. Political disagreement and discourse is fundamental to the principles of this country, and the idea that we should do away with it, in the name of unity, is ... well, simply put wrong.

I really do hope he proves me wrong, but in the past week, I've been treated to enough snippets to know that probably isn't going to happen. So I will be writing my congressmam and Senators, and I will be urgring them not to vote for certain things, and I will participate in my constitutional right to disagree with the socialistic principles President Obama is trying to push on our country. But, I'm still giving him a chance, even now, to prove me wrong.

Too bad, that same chance wasn't given the last 8 years. But, as I've said, I'm better than that.