Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sad Little King of a Sad Little Hill

   Sometimes a good thing can come out of that box we call a TV.  There is a Grey's Anatomy quote for every situation.  And every political season the wisdom of Firefly appears to become more appropriate.

  I have ceased commenting on any story that has anything to do with Donald Trump.  His supporters are rabid.  Seriously.  If you mention any of the many things that speak to his character, his lack of actual policy plans, or his repeated claims to "Make American Great Again", well, stand back and watch them twist themselves into pretzels.  They either attempt to explain it away (this is amusing), or they simply call you a Hillary Clinton supporter.  Mostly it's just the second one, because it's really hard to explain away the multiple affairs he bragged about, or his insane ramblings about conspiracy theories, or well, pretty much anything Donald says.

  Remember back in 1992 and 1996 when the moral character of our President counted and conservatives let you know it every chance they got?  Well, like most of Barack Obama's promises, it appears  for some conservatives that moral character has an expiration date.  Moral character now means absolutely nothing, because well...Donald Trump.

  There is a crazy crowd on the right, and it's just as crazy as the one on the left, who kept swearing to us that President Obama never said we could keep our plan if we liked it.  (He did, over 30 times.)  This crazy crowd on the right will say or do anything to defend their guy, even if he is a serial philanderer with little regard for women, or people with disabilities or Mexicans.  It's funny watching them try to convince themselves and others that he never said what he said, or that he said what he never said. 

  Since he became the presumptive nominee he has waffled on pretty much every one of his major promises, you know, the ones that convinced the utterly gullible that a man who was a Democrat 3 seconds ago was actually a Conservative Republican.  The Trump supporters swear that he was saying that all along, and they are fine with it.  If I didn't have a busy life, I'd love to go back and pull their comments from six months ago.  However, I have a busy life, and really what good would it do anyway?  Donald was right.  He could mow down people in the middle of Times Square and these people would still support him.  To admit that they got hoodwinked would damage their calm.

  Some of them are still swearing they can win without the 30% of us who refuse to vote for a Democrat in Republican clothes, but mostly they just tell us they will hold us personally responsible if their man doesn't win.  Feel free, I will be happy to say that I kept a megalomaniac fascist blowhard with illusions of grandeur out of the Oval Office.  I will sleep soundly knowing that I didn't vote for either Democrat.  I will be holding them personally responsible for electing Hillary Clinton.  After all, they were the ones who got caught up his rhetoric, you know that absolute nastiness that he paraded as "non-pc".  They were the ones who voted for him, even though there was a large group of people telling them "um, no, we won't vote for this guy." 

  We are not the establishment. (Hint:  your guy got rich off the establishment.  He's a beneficiary of the establishment.  Um, he IS the establishment.)  We are simply people who refuse to cross a line in the name of "party unity" or "stopping the Hillary Express", or "But...he's gonna build a yuuuuggggeeee wall!".

  For years we've voted for the lesser of two evils, but there is no lesser version this time.  Both of the presumptive candidates are awful choices who are entirely unfit and unqualified to be the leader of the free world.  Or the leader of the formerly free world.  We lead from behind now, or something.

  Donald Trump is a sad little king of a sad little hill, with a bunch of sad little followers who have sold out all the things they swear they believe in because they are angry, and they followed the cult of celebrity.  And now they are spewing venom because we refuse to play along. 

Tough Crap.  You wanted this, now live with the consequences.


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