Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Canned Pork Anyone?

When Congress was in the process of writing and passing the $787 billion stimulus, many Conservatives and Libertarians took to calling it the "Porkulus". Of course, that was based on the few things people actually found out before it passed. Now we can "track" our stimulus money. So this funny tidbit appeared on one of my many daily reading sites:

We, the taxpayers, have bought ourselves $16 million worth of canned pork from Lakeside Foods in Plainview, MN. It's actually listed as "Canned Pork" on the recovery.gov website.

If only I had the time to go through every project listed to see what we are actually buying. I just thought, since some of us claimed that the stimulus was packed with pork projects and election payoffs, that actually spending that kind of money on canned pork was...ironic.

Of course, I'm still waiting for the QUACAA to become available online so we can actually read it before it becomes law, and the President is pushing for that to happen for Congress takes it's paid month off come August 7th.

The Stimulus has not, contrary to the President's statements, done what it was supposed to do. We were told it would stop unemployment at 8% - it's at 9.5%. We were told it would save or create (how do you count saved jobs???) 3 million jobs. According to the President it's saved or created 150,000 jobs while the economy hemorrhaged 2.5 million jobs. And we still don't know how he's counting "jobs saved" - his own people don't even know. And now comes the news that he's not going to release his budget updated in July. He's going to wait until August, after Congress has already recessed and hopefully a passed a bill that the non-partisan Congressional Budget office says is going to cost us at least 1 trillion dollars. Maybe it is because it's a Presidential transition year, but hey, he was able to release an update in May, so why not now? Could it be that the numbers are bleak, and he's afraid it might sink the Health Care ship that is already taking on more water than a canoe with a cannon-ball sized whole in it?

I don't know - I'm still trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with my share of $16 million dollars of canned pork.....

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