Saturday, August 18, 2012

In Which I Am Informed I Am Probably A Bigot

I'm so tired of that word.  It's become a catch all word to describe anyone who doesn't agree with a certain viewpoint.  But it's even better when someone assumes that because you eat a chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A you are probably a bigot.  

Dare to criticize the President of the United States?  Bigot.  

Dare to stand up for your value system?  Bigot.

Dare to actually believe in something that disagrees with the left?  Bigot.

The word begins to lose meaning the more we use it.  You know it's true.  We've been saying it about love for years.  The charge of racism and bigotry is tossed out so frequently, that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to take it seriously.  

I never imagined after this country elected a black man to the highest office, that any disagreement with him would mean we must all be closet racists.  That's what our society is being turned into.  And people are less careful every day about who they attach the term "bigot" to.  It's so darn easy to use.  If you challenge it, they just assume you are protesting because it's true.  So we  don't protest.  We don't stand up and point out how wrong it truly is.

Hitler was a bigot.  He hated blacks, jews, and the slavic races.  So much so that he made it legal to use them in medical experiments, throw them in jail, and kill them, all because they weren't born "white" enough for him.  

Treating black people as 3/5ths of a person, refusing them to right to vote, or the right to attend the schools of their choice, or to sit in the front of the bus?     That's bigotry.  

Eating a sandwich at a restaurant whose owner supports traditional marriage? Not bigotry.  Criticizing the policies of the President, or the increasingly dirty campaign he is running?  Not bigotry.  

We must be so far removed from the days of Civil Rights and Martin Luther King, Jr.  We have no idea what real bigotry is.

In a state sponsored rally in Iran today, people yelled "Death to the Jews".  That's bigotry.  That's hate.  And here, in this country, we have no idea anymore what it really means to use the word.  If we did, we wouldn't throw it around in such a cavalier way.

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