Sunday, November 11, 2012

Get Over It

So this is what we've come to.  If I post anything marginally political, I'm going to be told "he won, get over it".

My candidate of choice lost the election.  It crossed my mind to post all kinds of things to my facebook page.  For instance "Please don't come complain to me when your taxes go up, you can't pay back your student loans, and you can't find a job".  Considering a full 50% of recent college graduates can't find a good paying job, or even a job at all, that's a distinct possibility.  But I didn't say it, because it would have been sour grapes.

I was treated to a multitude of posts from my President Obama supporting friends.  Some of them were just rejoicing.  Some of them were downright rude.  The posts have continued.  They just can't get enough of rubbing the other sides faces it in.  I let them have their moment.   Pointing out that they sound like our local high school teenage girls after this year's Powder Puff game wasn't going to do any good.

So last night, I had the audacity to mention that people in New York City are walking 6 miles to find food.  They can't buy gas.  Some of them don't have homes to live in.  Some have homes with no heat or electricity.  In that post I mentioned if they had voted Republican this would be a scandal.  I was told "he won, get over it."  

Ok.  That's fine.  But  let us all think back to Katrina.  We are still hearing how it was all Bush's fault.  I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing that for 50 years. So, to me, my comment rings true.  If a Republican was President right now, not only would we be hearing about how he caused the hurricane by not fighting global warming, we'd also be hearing about how people having to walk 6 miles for food was also his fault.

My point was, we aren't hearing much about it.  it's not a scandal.  It's not even a problem for most people.  It's old news.  Except for those living in New York City.  It's a problem for them.  It's not news, it's their reality.  

We the people had every right to hold the  Bush Administration partially responsible for the failures of Katrina.  (We must remember that Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin should also bear part of that load.)  We the people have every right to hold this President partially responsible for what is still going on in New York City.  We should also be pointing a finger at Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg.  

So, no, I won't be getting over this. Not this, not Benghazi, not Fast & Furious.  I have the right to continue speaking up, as I've been doing my entire adult life.  No  matter who wins the election.

Maybe if more Americans paid attention more than every four years...but then, that's just a pipe dream.

So really, stop telling me to shut up.  It won't happen.  Ever.  And you should be thankful for that.  It means we still have the freedom to speak out.

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