Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I have a few questions.  I realize that some people will read this blog and freak out on me, but honestly, I just want to know what the thought process is.

Yesterday the country re-elected Barack Obama to the Presidency.  

To all Black Americans:
Why do you consistently vote for a party that has spent more than 30 years telling you that you aren't smart enough, ambitious enough, or good enough to accomplish anything on your own?  They constantly tell you that without their help, you can't achieve your dreams.   In essence the Democrats have told Black Americans that you need them and their promises and their legislation in order to have any chance in this society.  Do you not find that demeaning? It's been said, that upon signing the Civil Rights Act, President Lyndon B. Johnson said "we'll have them n****** voting democrat for 40 years." He was right.  But by God, just that sentence leaves me shaking my head.  In my world, the color of your skin doesn't matter one iota.  You can achieve your dreams, because it's within your power.  Why do you allow Democrats to convince you that you are too poor or stupid to obtain an id to vote?  Voter ID isn't about disenfranchising anyone.  Do you really want your vote cancelled out by someone who isn't a citizen, or by someone who is voting twice?  Seriously, these people make it sound like minorities are too inferior to obtain a free state identification card.  Where is that okay?  I'm honestly asking the question because I do not understand.

To Women:
Why do you vote for a party that objectified you into the sum of your sex organs?  Your brain didn't matter.  Your ambition didn't matter.  Your abilities didn't matter.  You were reduced to birth control and abortions, as if outside of sex, women don't need anything or mean anything.  I thought true feminism was to fight objectification.  I look around and I wonder where that went.    I heard that the Republicans didn't want equal pay, but where did that come from?  The Lily Ledbetter act did not guarantee equal pay for equal work.  It guaranteed trial lawyers some nice fees because you can sue a company IF you manage to find out that you weren't paid the same as your male counterpart.  But while President Obama showed off Lily Ledbetter, he failed to mention that women in his administration make 18% less than their male counterparts.  If Lily Ledbetter guaranteed equal pay, he wasn't following the law.   As a matter of fact, most Democrats in D.C., pay their female staffers less than men.  In the end, for women, the Democrats made this election about sex, and a bill that really had nothing to do with what they were claiming it did.  And according to the polls, my gender accepted that.  My question isn't full of bitterness, it's befuddlement.  I need to understand.

To Latino/Hispanic Voters:
Why do you vote for a party that consistently votes in opposition of your value system?  I understand that maybe Republicans do a lousy job of explaining it, but most conservatives are not anti immigration.  Heck, everyone in this country is the result of some form of immigration.  Conservatives are anti illegal immigration.  There are so many wonderful Latino and Hispanic immigrants, who waded through red tape and mess to be here legally.  So many who fell in love with America and became citizens.  I was honored to see two young men from the Dominican Republic become US Citizens on completion of Army Basic Training.  It was a moving ceremony.  We welcome immigrants who go through the proper channels to get here.  We'd like to cut down on illegal immigration, because it drains our resources and frankly, it takes away from legal immigrants and those who wish to immigrate to our wonderful country.  So why vote for those who turn their back on the social and religious beliefs you hold dear?  I don't understand.

See, here is my confusion.  I believe in America, in it's exceptional status, in it's exceptional citizenry of all shapes, sizes and colors.  And I just don't understand why so many of us sell ourselves short, sell our values out, and are okay with less than what we ourselves can achieve through hard work.  These are honest questions.  So many people will call me names just for asking them.  But truly, I'm only trying to understand.

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