Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Too Late

Today, I've become pretty good at pissing off people who would normally agree with me.  Maybe I should explain.

I've seen a lot of people, in the last 2 weeks, post things across social media starting with this phrase, "I kept my mouth shut during the election, but....", and then they proceed to speak out about some thing they suddenly realize is bad.

Unemployment?  Bad before the election
Food Stamp and Welfare increased participation? Bad before the election
Benghazi?  Bad before the election.
The current healthcare bill requiring religious people to do things against their belief?  That was bad and happening before the election.

Truth?  Speaking about it now is too little too late.  Now?  You are much less likely to change it.  Maybe 3 weeks ago, you could have helped change someone's mind. Now?  You are complaining and protesting, but for the next 2 years there is precious little anyone can really do.

So many people think there is something wrong with being involved politically.    They are afraid of offending people, or having people get angry with them, or whatever.  But if you are unwilling to stand up for something when there is a chance you could make a difference, why bother standing up after the fact?  I guess it's easier then, when our friends from the other side have what they want, and it's not likely they are going to unfriend you now.  

I don't know.  I just know that I get very upset when people say "I didn't before...but now", when what they are complaining or protesting was happening 3 weeks ago.  And then...well... maybe it would have made a difference.

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